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High Quality Knitwear


Macdonald, a company built on experience, creativity and product care stands, for providing high quality knitted products and accessories.

This company was founded in 1981 by Donatella Marchetti and her husband Gianfranco Ridolfi. It’s aim was to rediscover and emphasize knitwear production stages along with essential elements of craftmanship that belongs to their native country’s cultural tradition.

The method

Tradition, innovation, research and development

Research and sampling development takes part in our style office with the help of a newspaper library and specialised historical and up-to-date archives. The most important international trade magazines, grafic and photografic material, sample pieces etc…. along with seasonal fashion meetings for forcasting fashion and updating trends, support the innovative and cosmopolitan vibe of the collections. 


Lugo one of the first silk markets in Italy

Historically Lugo has always been considered the seat of a thriving market. The origin of the name is connected to the sale of silk cocoons, in fact the term Pavaglione derives from the Latin papilio, butterfly, which in French evolved into a bow tie.



Stitch archive

Over the years our company has developed a valuable points archive for all our customers that can be consulted online, allowing precise and qualitatively accurate processing to be carried out.

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